Jazz Piano School, Ep 8: Triad Inversions

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Triad inversions are more powerful than you might think. 

If you aren’t already using them for pop and rock songs, or even jazz, then you definitely should be! 

Learning all possible inversion combinations for all of your major and minor triads is going to be extremely useful when we get into the more complicated ways we can spice up our tunes. 

Make sure you pay close attention to this episode!


  • Triad inversions are more powerful than you might think.
  • Inversions are playing a triad or chord using the same notes, but switching the order of the notes
  • Root position – When the root, ( the letter of the chord) is on the the bottom of the piano (the left side).
  • 1st Inversion – When the 3rd of the chord is on the bottom.
  • 2nd Inversion – When the 5th of the chord is on the bottom.

Resources Mentioned:

All Major Triad Inversions:


All Minor Triad Inversions:


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Brenden Lowe

Brenden Lowe

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