A private jazz piano program that is cheaper, delivers more results, and gives you more value than private lessons so that you can play jazz piano the way you've always wanted

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Self study courses can be a pain in the you know what.

That’s because questions come up.

And what’s easy for someone else, might be hard for you.

Your going along, and then BAM.

You have no idea what the teacher is talking about.

And you’re completely lost.

See the thing is, there is no room for course adjustments with self study courses.

You’re set on one path.

And that’s exactly why I created the JPS Accelerator program.

To deliver, CUSTOMIZED education to each individual student.

This allows for tweaks, adjustments, skipping of steps, lessons of interest and so much more.

It’s exactly why the name does what I promise.

This program Accelerates your progress…very…very fast.

If there is one thing I’ve created over the past decade to help students get the results they’re after…it’s this program.

Why does it work?

Mainly, because of what I said above…the customized lesson plans and individual attention you receive.

You get to study with me and a JPS educator AND you get constant support from us and the community along with accountability.

That is a formula for success.

My Accelerator programs have been SO successful that I have worked extremely hard to make them even MORE accessible to everyone.

I removed the unimportant events so that more people could participate even with their busy schedules…and…

….I made it SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper.

 It’s more affordable than taking private lessons from a teacher at New England Conservatory while delivering 10x more value.

And with a live teacher at NEC, you don’t get all your lesson plans recorded, nor do you get live masterclasses per week, nor do you get 24/7 messaging…nor do you get…

…okay you get the picture.

Don’t worry, I’m going to explain everything right now.

Let’s take a look inside what you’re going to get when you enroll in my NEW Accelerator Program starting April 4th.

#1 - Enrollment into My Live 90 Day Accelerator Program That Starts April 4th

(11 of 20 Spots Left)

I’ve never seen students make so much progress in my entire life until now.

And I’ve been teaching for over 20+ years.

Want to know how?

It’s really the combination of two words.

Direction and accountability.

That’s it.

You see 99% of students that don’t make progress or fail at attempting to learn jazz piano are usually lacking both of those.

Sometimes, students have all the inner drive in the world but they simply do not know what to practice to get better.

And sometimes, it’s the complete opposite but rarely.

Sometimes students do have a very clear direction and good lesson planning but lack accountability.

So which are you?

Listen, I don’t blame you.

How could you know exactly what to practice and in what order?

How could you hold yourself accountable to do that as well?

And how could do BOTH of those things at at the same time?

The answer, it’s impossible.

But…a true professional could do both of those things for you through a live jazz piano program.

Which is exactly what my Accelerator Program does, and why it’s responsible for MASSIVE amounts of results in a short amount of time.

Here’s what’s included.

Your teacher will contact you to set up your initial 1 on 1 assessment lesson. This is more about getting to know you and listen to your musical background and story than it is about listening to your playing.

Your musical story shapes you, molds you, and can have a huge effect on your mindset.

That’s why we take great care in listening to your story and experiences.

The teacher will also to listen to you play, ask you about your goals, and begin to discuss next steps for you in order to start seeing quick results in your playing.

They will also show you around the program and answer any questions you might have at that time.

The custom lesson plans assigned within the program have so many benefits I don’t even know where to being.

They are by far the #1 reason students are making so much progress in their playing at an extremely fast rate.

The other incredible benefit to these lessons is that they are all conducted through our online platform which allows you to do the work on your own time!

You don’t even have to leave your house.

They will give you direction and clarity on exactly what to practice to get better.

I wish I had my old lesson plan notebooks around when I was studying jazz back in the day…
…oh wait…I didn’t have any notebooks…why? 

Because most teachers never wrote stuff down because they were too lazy, or simply didn’t know what to assign as exercises.

Again, they would just sit there and “show me stuff.”
Also…all your lessons are stored in your personal space inside the community platform we use that is separate from the Jazz Piano School app.

Check it out…

You may be wondering how the teacher reviews your playing.

This is another incredible benefit to the program due to the accountability.

It’s another TOP reason that students are making so much progress so fast.

Every week you will record a video of you playing your assignments through an easy app called Flipgrid that is completely free.

This recording process does not lie and holds students accountable for practicing.

Now to some of you this may be terrifying!

Trust me I know, because other students thought the same thing before signing up.

“How can I do this program if I need to record myself for my teacher?!”

What they’ve found is that after just the very first recording session they actually began to LOVE IT!

And I promise you, if you give it a chance, so will you.

The other AMAZING benefit to recording your assignments for your teacher every week is that it is a great measuring tool for your progress.

All your recordings will be stored in an archive so you and the teacher can go back and clearly see how much progress you’ve made.

This helps tremendously to motivate and inspire you when you look back and see where you started from!

Kind of like hiking up a mountain and feeling exhausted half way, but then turning around and looking at how far you’ve come.

Quite breathtaking and inspiring and of course you can’t stop there…you have to keep going to reach the top!

Check out Mike Griffith’s massive archive of recordings he’s done!


There are so many problems with live lessons I don’t know where to begin, but one I found MOST frustrating was having a question during the week.

I would have a question and felt shamed by contacting my teacher to ask them.

I mean I was only paying for their hourly time right? My teacher probably didn’t want to get on the phone with me and teach. They were busy.

In the Accelerator Program, we’ve got that covered.


You can use the message chat at anytime to ask your teacher questions about your lesson plan or just jazz in general!

Check it out!

Well that would have been nice during my journey, but oh well. I guess I had to endure some hardship to help others and trust me I am totally good with that!

Now if you think this program is awesome already, I’ve only just begun so get comfortable.

Every week there will be a group lesson with either myself or one of the other educators.

They will teach a live masterclass on zoom that will allow you to interact, follow along at the piano, and ask them questions as they demonstrate and teach.

These masterclass lessons will be on specific and necessary jazz piano topics that students need to know to get better.

All of these masterclass will be recorded and stored in the archive as well so you can go back and watch them at anytime even if you miss one!

Check it out!

And last but not least, access to an incredible, out of this world supportive community inside the private accelerator platform we use.

All the students here are very, very close and supportive of one another due to the live learning that everyone is doing together.

If you frustrated, they will pick you up.

Want to share your success, they will congratulate you!

It is one of the most valuable parts of the program.

Enrollment to this brand new Accelerator Program is included with the “JPS Blackbox” offer.

And here are all the details one more time just to recap before I move on. (Oh yes, there’s more).

Accelerator Program Details

Start Date: April 4th

(Value $4,976)

I’ve gone out of my way to provide you with overwhelming support so there is literally no change that you can fail.
I’ve made it cheaper than taking private lessons at NEC.

I’ve made it more accessible to people’s busy schedules by having just one masterclass a week and custom lesson plans.

This is the thing you’ve been searching for.

You will make more progress inside this 90 Day Accelerator program than you ever have before.

On to the investment.

But first…

What Previous Accelerator
Members Had To Say...

Ron Iannazzi

Mark Simmons

Jesse Hernandez

George Moore

Michelle Sorger

Dunja Wildt

Jhoe Kelly Moise

Toni Crowder

Debbie Preece

Ben Jackson

Kay Savetz

Alix Beeney

I can keep going but I'll spare you the time it takes to watch through the thousands of testimonials.

So I bet you're curious about the investment, right?

Well, I can tell you this. It certainly ain't going to cost you $12,000!

I'll tell you what it is down below but first I want you to know that...

15% of Your Enrollment Cost Goes Directly To "Save The Music" to Give Kids The Gift of Music

I believe in the power of music to change the world. It's one of the reasons I started Jazz Piano School.

I also believe no child should go without music in their life. And that is why I love this charity. Because they help provide the opportunity for all kids to learn music.

And as I said above, 15% of your investment will go directly to this charity to help bring music to students all over in various ways.

On to the investment!

Here is a summary of everything you'll receive when you enroll in my NEW Accelerator program with this years Black Friday offer.


This offer will expire when the clock below reaches 00:00:00 or when 20 students enroll.


Entry into My Life Accelerator Program Starting April 4th, 2024

(Which Includes)

value $297

value $497

value $997

value $397

value $497

value $997

value $997

value $297

Total Value = $4,976

Accelerator Program

1 on 1 Kick Off Assessment Lesson

value $297

Custom Lesson Plans Delivered Weekly

value $497

Lifetime Access To Personal Lesson Plan Archive

value $997

Video Submission Review By A Professional JPS Educator

value $397

24/7 Messaging With Your Teacher For Support

value $497

Weekly Live Group Masterclass Lessons on Zoom

value $997

Lifetime Access To Weekly Masterclass Recordings

value $997

Access To Private Accelerator Community

value $297

Total Value = $4,976

So...instead of paying over $100,000 to attend a 4 year jazz college that comes with no additional support after college is over...

Instead of paying over $10,000 for 3 years of lessons, unrecorded, with no materials and no plan and no progress...

Instead of paying $5000 for a single college course that provides no on going support or access to education after the course is over...

Instead of paying $135 per lesson at New England Conservatory that provides no community portal, no recordings, no digital lesson plan archive, and no 24/7 support...

Join the 2024 Accelerator program

for ONE Easy Payment of




60% off our public Accelerator price of $2,995, SAVE $1,800

11 Spots Left As of Now. Reserve your spot before they fill up!

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