Jazzy Let It Snow Arrangement (Ep:175)

Our brand new Xmas specialty course called “Christmas Joy” is nearly here! We are releasing this fun new course on Black Friday 2019, November 29th @ 12am, and the great thing about this is that it’s completely FREE with our Black Friday offer!

How To Use Each Area of The Piano When Playing Jazz (Ep:174)

jazz piano school podcast 174

The piano has 88 keys! But rarely do students and even intermediate players playing gigs utilize the ENTIRE piano when they play. If you’re not…then you should be! But what exactly should you be playing in each area? In this episode I’ll teach you exactly what to do in each register of the piano. Enjoy!

How To Harmonize A Melody With Any Chord (Ep:173)

Harmonizing melodies with chords can be tricky…especially if you’re trying to make it actually sound good! How do we know what chords to play with the melody note? What makes it sound good?
All these questions and more popup and it can become very frustrating.
In this podcast, our brand new JPS staff educator will address those questions and provide you with an amazing strategy to harmonize melodies with ANY chord you want! Enjoy!

Bill Evans : Simple Improvisation Chord Trick (Ep:172)

This simple chord trick involves using your own voicings to your advantage in a way that will instantly improve your playing. Bill Evans used this technique throughout his career, most notably on the classic album “Portrait in Jazz.” You can use it too, find out how in this week’s podcast!

JPS Ep:171 – 3 Ways To Use Arpeggios In Your Improvisation

Arpeggios can be reallllyyy boring…or they can be used to add some burnin movements into your improvisation! I’ll be talking about the latter. These 3 different ways to add arpeggios in your improvisation are sure to help you add some flying, fast movements up and down the piano for an amazing texture you’re going to love! Enjoy!

JPS Ep:170 – 5 Things To Help Your Tune Approach

Knowing what kind of style, what kind of approach you should take on a tune can be tough? How do you go at it? Old school? Modern? Flowy? Hard swing?
In this episode I’ll give you 5 quick tips that will allow you to easily understand the approach you should take when playing a tune. I also go over specific approaches at the end. Enjoy!

JPS Ep:169 – Jazz Piano School 2.0 Details Part 1

I give you all the details you need to know about our amazing 2.0 launch coming October 7th @ 7am est.
Here is the link to video 1 in the brand new workshop I’m releasing as well!