Jazz Piano School Ep. 95 – What Happens In Your Playing As You Advance

Brenden Lowe4 Comments

A lot of the time when trying to get better at jazz piano, you simply have no idea what the future looks like…or even what the heck advanced players are doing! It sounds too far out of reach. Well I’m here to tell you it’s not. In this episode I show you what is going to happen as you advance through the levels. This way you’ll be able to see exactly what takes place.

How to Arrange Here’s That Rainy Day Like Bill Evans

Bijan TaghaviIntermediate4 Comments

Last time we looked at some orchestration techniques and the main challenges involved in playing solo piano. If you haven’t checked that out yet, click here to read that first. Today we are going to tie it all together by looking in-depth at a solo piano arrangement of Bill Evans on “Here’s That Rainy Day”.     Follow along with … Read More

Jazz Piano School Ep. 92 – Minor 2-5-1 Basics

Brenden Lowe6 Comments

Playing minor 2-5-1 is usually a mysterious process for most. There is a lot of harmony that surrounds this subject and how to approach it. Rest assured these Minor 2-5-1 basics will allow you to feel confident when playing this type of harmony.

Jazz Piano School Ep. 88 – Adding Extensions Into Our Voicing Fundamentals

Brenden Lowe2 Comments

As we continue our voicing series we are adding extensions into our voicing fundamentals. This is progressing us a little further and teaching us how to create freedom to build any voicings we want. With these methods you are becoming the creator instead of simply copying voicings and not understanding how they’re used. Enjoy!