Understanding Jazz Theory (Part 1): 3 Most Important Jazz Theory Concepts For A Beginner

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 4 Chords Families While these are not the only chord families, these 4 are the main families that make up the diatonic series: Major 7th Symbols: M7, Ma7, Maj7, Δ7 Dominant 7th Symbols: 7, dom7 Minor 7th Symbols: m7, mi7, min7, -7 Minor 7 Flat 5 or Half-Diminished  Symbols: m7(b5), min7(b5), ø7 Next, it is important to understand their chord … Read More

Piano Voicings – Similar sounds, pt.1

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By Sam Griffith It is very easy to get so involved with harmonic substitutions, we forget about simple things we can do to harmony. In many cases, a small adjustment such as leaving a specific note out, or changing the quality of a chord can completely change the sound of the song. Frequently these little changes can trigger other, potentially … Read More

My Jazz Piano Freedom: What’s Helped & Hurt

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I’ve always been fascinated by the education process of jazz piano. As many of you know, I had a hard time learning jazz piano. It wasn’t until later in my career that I found out that most people actually have a hard time learning jazz piano. The typical student would follow the same path- or lack there of, I should … Read More

8 YouTube Channels That Will Take Your Playing To the Next Level

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8 YouTube Channels That Will Take Your Playing To the Next Level Stop. I mean, stop clicking random YouTube videos and losing your precious practice time, because here we have a solution that will instantly save you time and lead you to best places to learn about jazz and see it performed by the greats. You’re welcome. Here are some … Read More

Problem/Solution: What & How To Practice

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Last time we examined why we practice – which is to slow down the process, extract your internal information, and achieve a high level of control in order to best equip yourself to spontaneously create. Today I am going to offer solutions to the common questions: what and how should I practice? HOW TO PRACTICE Garry Dial once told me … Read More

SAQ: Why Do We Practice?

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A common FAQ is “What Should I Practice?”. But a more important SAQ (“should ask question”) is “Why Do I Practice?”. Many have defined practicing as “the act of rehearsing a behavior over and over, or engaging in an activity again and again, for the purpose of improving or mastering it, as in the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’”. While that … Read More

How To Command Your Left Hand Like Bill Evans

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When playing in the trio setting, a jazz pianist’s left hand is often an afterthought, a purely supportive entity that acts out of reflex rather than thought. Too commonly, pianists spend hours at a time improving their right-handed lines without paying attention to their left-handed choices. There is a trend of simply falling back on specific shapes that the hand … Read More

Early McCoy vs Late McCoy: How McCoy Tyner’s Playing Style Evolved Over Time

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McCoy Tyner is unquestionably one of the most influential jazz pianists to date, with one of the most clearly recognizable sounds. But McCoy’s sound changed drastically – arguably more than any other jazz musician – as he evolved from a mainstream hard-bop player to an innovative post-bop player who defined a new approach to improvisation using pentatonics and quartal harmony. … Read More