Duke Jordan Blows Through the Circle of Fifths (LOTW #213)

In this weeks lick, we showcase one of our jazz piano heroes, Duke Jordan.  He was a legendary sideman with greats such as Charlie Parker and Cannonball Adderly, and made several influential recordings as a leader.  His classic jazz composition, “Jordu,” features a chord progression known as the circle of fifths.  Listen to how he […]

Oscar Peterson’s Iconic Solo on “Sometimes I’m Happy” (LOTW #207)

Oscar Peterson's Iconic Solo

Few jazz piano trio albums are as beloved as The Trio, live in Chicago in 1961. Oscar’s signature trio with Ed Thigpen on drums and Ray Brown on bass is unrivaled in terms of their ability to swing. This track is no exception, and Oscar holds nothing back during his solo. Enjoy this excerpt from […]

Red Garland’s Signature Blues Lick (LOTW #169)

learn jazz piano with Red Garland's signature blues lick

Red Garland sure knows how to play the blues! Listen to his blues-playing on “Blues by Five” from the classic recording session by the Miles Davis Quintet in 1957. At the top of his second solo chorus, he begins a triplet line with his signature blues lick. This is a good one to add to […]

Duke Ellington’s Famous Intro to “In A Sentimental Mood” (LOTW #168)

learn jazz piano with Duke Ellington's famous intro

From his iconic collaboration with John Coltrane in 1963, Duke’s introduction to his composition “In a Sentimental Mood” is treasured in the jazz community. Players often refer back to it when performing this tune, try it out for yourself next time you go to play it! CLICK HERE TO GET A TRANSCRIPTION OF THE LICK […]

Mulgrew Miller Altered Dominant Lick (LOTW #167)

learn jazz piano - Mulgrew Miller lick

Mulgrew Miller lays down this line over his solo break on the standard tune  “If I Should Lose You” from his 2006 album Live at the Kennedy Center. His altered notes over the dominant chord lead into what will be an eventful solo filled with post-bop language. CLICK HERE TO GET A TRANSCRIPTION OF THE […]

Kenny Barron Kills This Line On His Own Tune (LOTW #166)

Kenny Baron Kills This Improv Lick on His Own Tune

“Voyage” is a modal tune that has made its way into the canon and has become a true jazz standard. Kenny Barron shows us how it’s done beginning in the first chorus as he navigates the chord changes of his own tune.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9eZUvwoFgE CLICK HERE TO GET A TRANSCRIPTION OF THE LICK If you have […]

Oscar Peterson’s Famous C-Jam Blues Solo Break (LOTW #165)

Oscar Peterson's Famous C-Jam Blues Solo Break (LOTW #165)

Well folks, this is an absolute must know when it comes to solo breaks! This Oscar Peterson solo break on “C-Jam Blues” is one of the most famous solo breaks in jazz history. It’s an absolute must know in everyone’s repertoire.  Do you know it?  If not, then you better get to it! 🙂 https://youtu.be/Vke26Huj0RA […]

Herbie Hancock Triplet Improvisation Line From “Witch Hunt” (LOTW #164)

Herbie Hancock Triplet Improvisation Line From "Witch Hunt" (LOTW #164)

At the young age of 25, Herbie Hancock was improvising in ways that no one before him had ever done.  Listen how he trailblazes his way through his solo from a classic Wayne Shorter tune “Witch Hunt” from Speak No Evil (1965).  He strings together a relentless flow of triplet lines traveling in chromatic fourth […]

Ahmad Jamal Lick: “But Not For Me” from Live at the Pershing (LOTW #163)

Ahmad Jamal Lick: "But Not For Me" from Live at the Pershing (LOTW #163)

Ahmad Jamal is a true original. His stylings of jazz standards on his recording “Live at the Pershing Lounge” (1958) create a feeling unlike any other pianist in a jazz trio format. Listen how he lays this lick back and settles deep into the pocket on this unforgettable track! https://youtu.be/R_jWHQ4MzLU CLICK HERE TO GET A […]

Oscar Peterson Solo Break Lick (LOTW #162)

Oscar Peterson Solo Break Lick (LOTW #162)

Here is a quintessential blues solo break from Oscar Peterson on the standard tune “I’ve Never Been In Love Before.”  He ornaments his blues lines with triplets and doubled notes.  Take a page out of his book with this solo break and you’ll be playing the blues in no time! https://youtu.be/RGNMIDwzamI CLICK HERE TO GET […]

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