JPS Ep:158 – Check out the “Joe Henderson Chord!”

In this podcast lesson we take a closer look at the chord which characterized Joe Henderson during the most impactful time of his career. This chord appears again and again in Joe’s well known compositions from the 1960’s, such as “Inner Urge,” “Punjab,” “Gazelle,” and more! Follow along as we explore the chord within the context of the infamous jazz standard “Inner Urge” and investigate how to use it to our advantage when improvising.

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JPS Ep:157 – 3 Ways To Overcome Your Improvisation Fears

Let’s face it…it’s SCARY to improvise. It’s a very vulnerable thing because you’re opening up yourself to the world. You’re expressing your true self and true emotions. Now besides all that inner stuff…there is also the fear of simply making mistakes. BUT…enough about the negative…let’s get in the positive and I’ll show you 3 amazing ways to get stomp on your fears today!

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JPS Ep:154 – How to Reharmonize Like a Pro

Have you been looking for some new ways to harmonize with jazz chords? This one trick will help you reharmonize melodies like a pro! In this lesson, we will explore some new ways to move chromatically through the keyboard just like some of the greatest piano stylists!

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JPS Ep:152 – How To Spice Up Your Improv With Ornaments

Most of the time improv will sound bland not because of the notes…but because of the RHYTHMS! I had this little epiphany back in my earlier days, and it completely transformed my soloing. In this episode, you will learn how you can add ornaments to your improv lines so they sound 100x times better. Here we go!

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JPS Ep:151 – Unlock Your Creativity by Shedding the “In-Between Tempos!”

Do you ever feel like you’re playing the same stuff over and over again? I know I’ve certainly been in that position before. It could be a simple problem of playing songs at similar tempos! In this podcast lesson, we examine the benefits of trying tunes at different tempos than we might be used to playing in our regular circles. Watch as we unlock new creative possibilities through playing the “In-Between Tempos!”

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