Jazz Piano School Ep. 111 – 2018 JPS Thoughts, Future & Past

So it’s another new year. I waited till everything settled back down until I recorded this podcast. We’ve finally settled into our services and it’s been a long journey. Listen here to find out what’s next for JPS and how we’re adding innovative concepts into our programs. Enjoy!

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Jazz Piano School Ep. 108 – The Structured Education Of Jazz Piano School

This was a spur of the moment podcast! I actually started recording something else then got to talking about my vision and the structure of Jazz Piano School and I just went with it! But this should definitely bring a lot of information and clarity around the 3 major types of products we have and where we are moving to with jazz piano education software/website app we’re currently building. Enjoy!

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Jazz Piano School Ep. 107 – Our Lab’s Two Hand Voicing Building System Part 2

We’ve finalized a date for the Lab Launch and it is December 4th @ 10am PST! If you’re interested in joining the priority waiting list go to http://jazzpianoschool.com/lablaunch. You can also visit this url on December 4th @ 10am to sign up for the lab at our celebration discount offering. This is part 2 of an Upgrade Formula taken directly from inside the lab to help you build and use 2 hand voicings in all situations and create freedom in your playing. Enjoy!

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Jazz Piano School Ep. 106 – Our Lab’s Two Hand Voicing Building System

I struggled for yearsss. 15+ to be exact learning how to achieve some sort of jazz freedom on the piano. I was sick of just playing what other peopled showed me. It was like a coloring book. No matter how much freedom you had to choose colors you were still coloring other peoples pictures. I wanted to DRAW my OWN pictures! This podcast is taken directly from one of our lab upgrade formulas. The education contained in our lab, Launching in the next couple of weeks, will allow you to draw you own pictures. It was give you the tools to finally achieve jazz piano freedom so you can truly express YOURSELF! Enjoy!

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Jazz Piano School Ep. 105 – What To Do With Slow Swing Tunes

Isn’t it strange that when it comes to the slower tunes we start to struggle more? There’s just soon much space! What do we do when the tempo is deathly slow and we start feeling anxiety to fill in everything. In this episode I’ll give you some tips to start feeling confident over slow swing tunes.

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