JPS Ep:132 – Pentatonic Voicings Tutorial

Here is a tutorial to create 4 and 5 note pentatonic voicings. These voicings work well over modal tunes like “So What” by Miles Davis, and will give you a modern sound to add to your toolbox of voicings! Enjoy!

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JPS Ep:130 – 8 Must Know Jazz Piano Chords

Usually we all want to learn cool, hip sounding voicings right?! Trust me, I’ve been there. But unfortunately these one off voicings don’t do much for our education. It’s like someone giving us a fish instead of TEACHING us HOW to fish. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather learn HOW to fish. This episode will give you the 8 must know jazz piano chords but will also TEACH you how you can take these structures and methods and use them in all tunes. Enjoy!

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JPS Ep:129 – 3 Tips To Improve The Blues Scale

Learning how to make your blues scale improv not sound terrible can be difficult. Trust me! I went through the same thing! Here are 3 very easy tips that will your blues scale improvisation instantly sound like you’ve been doing it for years! Enjoy

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Jazz Piano School Ep. 128 – How to Sound Like Bill Evans – Shifting Extensions

Learn how to shift and move extensions in your voicings with this quick method to create a more modern jazz piano sound! With this method you’ll be create that complicated inner voice movement that you hear Bill Evans achieve, not to mention many other huge jazz piano giants. Jazz Piano School has taught thousands of students to achieve jazz piano freedom using methods and strategies exactly like the one you’ll learn in this video.

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Jazz Piano School Ep. 126 – Bill Evans Transcription Analysis on Time Remembered

Well I have some very amazing news! A special friend in the California area, who played with Bobby Hutcherson for many years and has contributed so much to jazz through education, has recently helped Jazz Piano School build a brand new specialty course! This new specialty course, taught by Dr. Joe Gilman will be “The Bill Evans Arranging Style” and will be available through Jazz Piano School exclusively! To get on our list to learn more about this specialty course when we release it click the button below. You will ALSO get the transcription of the Bill Evans playing time remembered which is analyzed in this podcast. This Bill Evans specialty course is a MUST have for absolutely everyone, especially because of the Dr. Joe Gilman’s teaching. To get you excited for the release of our new specialty course will be releasing lots of free Bill Evans education for you to soak up!

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Jazz Piano School Ep. 125 – Accompanying Singers & Putting It All Together

Finally we’re at PART 4! Wow what a ride! Here I’ll actually be playing with one of the backup tracks created for our Singer Accompaniment Mastery Specialty Course. I had a blast actually using the back up track. Remember there will be over 20 backup tracks within our new specialty course for you to use and play to along with analysis and walk through of everything I’m playing. In this episode I’m taking all the previous textures we’ve worked on and combining them to create a well balanced accompaniment story. I also add in some higher register fills, reharms and movements that I haven’t explained that you can find in our new specialty course.

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Jazz Piano School Ep. 124 – Adding The In Measure “Switch” To Accompany Singers

Welcome to Part 3 of our accompanying vocalist series. We’re taking “The Switch” a step further and executing this action WITHIN ONE measure! Whooo. By doing this we’re creating even MORE interaction within our hands, engagement with the vocalist, and ability to add our own expression into the tune. It will also go in our “tool bag” as another texture we can pull out to create contrast and add to the entire story and balance of our accompaniment.

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