Jazz Piano School Ep. 75 – The Equation Of Improvisation

Improvisation is like trying to fill the gaps in a resolution. We’re trying to land on chord tones but there are so many ways to resolve, mixed with rhythms…we need to figure out what fits the gap! In this video I debunk improvisation so you don’t have to copy and paste licks into your solo’s.

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Jazz Piano School Ep. 70 – The 7 Step Arranging Process For Solo Piano

We’re releasing the brand new Solo Piano System on January 23rd at 9am. This podcast will finally answer the question “How do I arrange my hands while playing standards to achieve a beautiful lush sound?” With these 7 steps you’ll be able to arrange any standards of your choice. The solo piano system will go into much more depth and answer all the “But what if this happens” questions.

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