Jazz Piano School Ep. 66 – My Voicing Pyramid & Comping

Learning voicings with structure and organization can be complicated. You’ll learn one voicing from one resource then a completely different voicing from another resource. Follow my voicing pyramid to make sure you fill all your voicing holes and achieve complete freedom with all your voicings.

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Jazz Piano School Ep. 65 – Basics of The Sus Chord

The Sus chord is a very, very important chord in jazz. It can be used for many purposes and can advance your playing drastically! In this episode I go over what a sus chord is and show you how it can be used effectively in different situations. Enjoy!

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Jazz Piano School Ep. 62 – 24 (2-5-1) Movements

Figuring out movements that sound good over the chords to a 2-5-1 can be challenging when you’re first starting out. These strong and popular movements are guaranteed to help you navigate your improv better through major and minor 2-5-1s.

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Jazz Piano School Ep. 61 – The Oscar Peterson Style

I think we can all agree that Oscar Peterson is a beast. He was my main inspiration growing up so I’ve learned and studies his style…a lot! In this podcast I go over 11 specific characteristics in his playing that make him sound the way he does. This one is a doozy! Enjoy!

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Jazz Piano School Ep. 59 – My Favorite Blues Reharm Progressions

I absolutely love playing the blues and I’m sure a lot of you do as well. There are certain progressions and movements I’ve picked up that I absolutely love and almost always use while playing the blues. These reharm progressions are guaranteed to to spice up your blues and open your creative box for improvement.

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