Jazz Piano School Ep. 51 – Tips on Playing Fast Tempos

Learning how to play at fast tempos can be quite frustrating. Why can’t we play faster?! We see or listen to the monsters do it effortlessly yet when we try it comes out as a moshposh of jumbled up mess. Well here are 7 tips to follow to increase the speed at which you can improvise! Enjoy!

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Jazz Piano School Ep: 48 – Perfecting The Ballad

Ballads can be extremely difficult. More so than fast tunes because they are SO slow! You are much more vulnerable to stand out with your mistakes and insecure playing. Luckily, this podcast will help you gain confidence to play ballads with a group, comp for singers or other instruments playing the melody, and improvise like a pro yourself. Enjoy!

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Jazz Piano School Ep 46: Everything Comping Part 1

As I was reviewing through all the JPS podcasts I realized there were none on comping! Wow! Well we’re about to change that. In this two part series I’m going to go over everything comping ranging from beginner to advanced techniques, where to place your hands and what voicings to use. Enjoy!

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Jazz Piano School Ep 45: How To Practice LH Comping, With RH Improv

This is a great topic that someone requested on the podcast page the other day. Learning to improvise is one thing. Learning to comp with your LH while your RH improvises is a completely different story. So in this podcast I go over 5 key points that will help you practice your LH comping with your RH improvisation. I know you’ll love it! Enjoy!

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Jazz Piano School Ep 44: How To Accompany A Singer

This is a topic within jazz piano education that I get asked about A LOT! For good reason too. Fortunately, most of the work I get actually come with playing with singers. I’ve excelled at this through out my career from playing in a church for a long time. In church, I’ve had to accompany singers in all sorts of styles, genres and situations. Let me tell you, the path is not easy. I’m confident these basics will get you started on the right path. Enjoy!

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Jazz Piano School Ep 43: Getting Back At It!

Well guess what? I fell off again! But who doesn’t right? The good thing is you simply pick yourself back up and keep going at it from where ever you last left off. This goes for anything in life. Never give up! Especially jazz piano. If you stop practicing for 1 week, 2 months or even a year, just accept it and start again from where you left off. The hardest part is to start up again, take it from me! Haha In this episode I share some random thoughts that have been on my mind and share a teaser for the next podcast episode to be released. Thank you all for your support!

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