Jazz Piano School Ep. 57 – Left Hand Voicing Approach

As you become more advanced, your LH becomes equally if not more important than your RH improv for certain sounds and atmospheres you can create. With this voicing approach you’ll have more than enough information to break outside the box with your LH voicing and make improvement.

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Jazz Piano School Ep. 53 – How to Harmonize Melodies Part 2

We open the flood gates to harmonization with this podcast as I show you that one note can fit and be used in any type of chord you wish in a tune. There are a substantial amount of options so take your time and realize that this is more or less like composing. Find changes that please you the most! This is about self expression. If you like it, then use it!

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Jazz Piano School Ep. 52 – How to Harmonize Melodies

Harmonizing melodies can be very tricky. What chords do we pick for each melody note and when do we place them. In this harmonization beginner’s podcast, I go over how to use diatonic chords as well as some substitutes to spice up a simple melody like twinkle twinkle. Enjoy!

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Jazz Piano School Ep. 51 – Tips on Playing Fast Tempos

Learning how to play at fast tempos can be quite frustrating. Why can’t we play faster?! We see or listen to the monsters do it effortlessly yet when we try it comes out as a moshposh of jumbled up mess. Well here are 7 tips to follow to increase the speed at which you can improvise! Enjoy!

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