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Covid has brought on a lot of different emotions, feelings, and thoughts for all of us.

For me, it is time to change some things in Jazz Piano School. I want to connect more with you. I want to help you more.

Take a listen to find out how I’m going to do this. 


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Brenden Lowe

8 Responses

  1. Hi Brenden
    Of course I like talking with you and appreciate your availability. But I know I am one and you are busy and I must always keep that in mind and not overwhelm you with to frequent emails or questions.
    That said I will not use social media. Very against and all the bad it does. There’s good of course, but that’s outweighed by the bad by a mile. There also a problem for me to leave you a 5 star rating. I want to but iTunes is not easy to get to?? I’ve never figured it out. Just as I can’t used Spotify and others that would help me with my music.
    I receive your emails, I can access my courses, and I can use YouTube pretty good.
    Wrote this note – then listened to the podcast
    Thank you!!!!
    I’ve become very aware of your sincereness in your teaching over these past few years. You are a very likable person. I enjoy our association and look forward to all that you’ve got planned this coming year!!! Can’t wait!!!

  2. Hi again Brenden
    Didn’t mention about LOTW being dropped. Good idea for us that are addicted to save everything out there. I’ve printed everyone and stored them in and around my piano. Of course can’t get to because I have so much else to get to each day. The more specific my path is laid out the better!!! Look forward to doing more with you one on one.

  3. Sending you good wishes in getting to be with your family and friends soon. I really appreciate this program. I have been distracted lately but will soon be getting back.

  4. Great philosophy and way to move forward in my opinion. COVID has definitely made me think about what’s important and I’ve also adjusted the way I do things.
    Really like the way you expressed your thoughts, very truthful and from the heart.

  5. Hey Brenden,

    I really enjoyed that Podcast, it was super interesting so thanks for sharing your thoughts and plans for the coming year.
    I’m so glad I’m a member of JPS and really excited to learn and improve in the months and years ahead.

    All the best,


  6. It’s the small nuggets that’s not the subject of discussion that will help players more. Example: you show progression say 1 6 2 5 1 you connect in this musical way using little nuances. That is what some of us if honest are trying get into our playing to prevent sound like we are just playing the chords.

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