The 3 jazz piano licks included in this lesson are important for a couple reasons. One, they contain both scalar motion and arpeggiated thirds. Most jazz piano improvisation contains both of these movements very frequently. Two, they contain chromatic motion. Chromatic motion is extremely important in bebop to slide into chord tones or move around them to create tension. Third, these three licks emphasize the thirds of each chord in this two-five-one progression. By emphasizing the thirds, of chords, you will reflect the harmony of progressions and create beautiful solos.

Most importantly, in this lesson, I go further than just showing you the licks, I teach you how to analyze them and extract improvisation lego building blocks to use on your own. This will allow you to spontaneously create improvisation freely rather than waiting for a specific measure or phrase in a tune and regurgitating a memorized lick.

You’ll be able to build solos your self based upon what you want to play. Just like building legos!


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