Horace Silver Tears Through the Changes of “Solar” (LOTW #223)

Miles Davis has been responsible for either creating or taking credit for many of the jazz standards which we know and love to this day. “Solar” is no exception, and the album Walkin’ (1956) by the Miles Davis Quintet has several of these notable jazz standards. Horace Silver was a great pianist and sideman in […]

Ahmad Jamal’s Opening Sequence From “Woody ‘N’ You” (LOTW #222)

Here is a classic opening line from “Woody ‘N’ You” off Ahmad Jamal’s classic album Live at the Pershing (1958). Ahmad’s trio stylings have made this album one of the classic jazz trio recordings of all time, evident in his melodic prowess and joyful swing feeling. The trio really shines on this particular track, enjoy! […]

Gerald Clayton’s Mysterious Lines (LOTW #221)

Gerald Clayton has become one of the leading voices in modern jazz piano in our era. He often keeps his audience guessing, and this lick is no exception. Check out this modal line over “All of You” from his breakout record Two Shade (2009).https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7ST2IdkjZ0 CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 200+ LICK BOOK (COMING SOON) If […]

Bud Powell’s “Get Happy” Lick (LOTW #220)

Bud Powell inspired many pianists of future generations with his innovations of the bebop style. His long, virtuosic runs set a new standard for modern jazz piano playing in the 1950’s. In this excerpt from “Get Happy,” we hear Bud execute an unusual lick which lays well in the hands. You may hear similar patterns […]

Bill Evans Solo Break on “One for Helen” (LOTW #217)

On this opening solo break by Bill Evans from the famous recording “Live at Town Hall” (1966) he shows us some of his best. He expertly outlines the minor chord changes of this tune while using a variety of eighth note and sixteenth note rhythms. This lick contains some of Bill Evans’ best playing in […]

A Young Herbie Hancock Destroys “Autumn Leaves” (LOTW #214)

Herbie Hancock is one of the visionaries of jazz piano. He had recently joined Miles Davis new group, known as the Second Great Quintet.   At the ripe young age of 24, he was playing things that had never been heard before on the piano.  Check out this famous recording of “Autumn Leaves” from the live […]

Duke Jordan Blows Through the Circle of Fifths (LOTW #213)

In this weeks lick, we showcase one of our jazz piano heroes, Duke Jordan.  He was a legendary sideman with greats such as Charlie Parker and Cannonball Adderly, and made several influential recordings as a leader.  His classic jazz composition, “Jordu,” features a chord progression known as the circle of fifths.  Listen to how he […]

Vijay Iyer’s Solo on “Work” (LOTW #212)

Vijay Iyer begins his solo on “Work” with an offbeat line made up of a variety of melodic intervals. He thinks outside the box on his album “Break Stuff” (2015), accompanied by bassist Stephen Crump and prodigious drummer Marcus Gilmore. Check out some of his other original compositions and arrangements on this album! https://youtu.be/mqXQVnbfplM CLICK […]

Vince Guaraldi “Skating” (LOTW #211)

What better way to ring in the Holidays than with Vince Guaraldi’s “Skating!” This piece always reminds us of the holiday season. The melody flows in parallel thirds, and is followed by colorful chords ascending in minor thirds. Pull out this piece at any Christmas party, and you will surely impress! https://youtu.be/3R7Z2ldZzsg CLICK HERE FOR […]

Bill Evans’ Colorful Melody from “Very Early” (LOTW #210)

Bill Evans is known for his virtuosic improvisation, but he was also a very skilled composer. Check out this melody from “Very Early.” It is accompanied by a series of colorful harmonies cycling in thirds. https://youtu.be/AZkw37aKVUQ CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 200+ LICK BOOK (COMING SOON) If you have questions or suggestions for a Lick […]