How to Reharmonize Like a Pro

What is Reharmonization? Let’s do a quick review… Reharmonization is the process of replacing the chords underneath a melody with other chords that still work musically but have a different function. Chords share a variety of common tones that allow us to interchange them without wreaking havoc on the music. Take, for example, one of […]

Jazz Piano School Ep. 117 – Gospel Reharms You Can Use Today

I absolutely love gospel. I’ve been listening to it since I was a kid because I love the way it makes me feel! The chords and harmonies pull at my heart and soul strings because that’s what it’s meant to do! Give us an uplifting feeling, get us through hard times. The chords used in the chart do exactly that. I explain what types of chords do what and how you can use them in all different kinds of music to reharm whenever you want.

Jazz Piano School Ep. 105 – What To Do With Slow Swing Tunes

Isn’t it strange that when it comes to the slower tunes we start to struggle more? There’s just soon much space! What do we do when the tempo is deathly slow and we start feeling anxiety to fill in everything. In this episode I’ll give you some tips to start feeling confident over slow swing tunes.

Jazz Piano School Ep. 103 – Modal Interchange Reharm Part 2

We go a further down the rabbit hole and explore some of the way you can begin to use the modal interchange chords we discussed in the last episode for reharm. I also talk about my favorite ways to use these chords and how to optimize their beautiful harmonies.

Jazz Piano School Ep. 84 – Progression Reharm Series 2 (3-6-2-5)

We’re continuing our reharm series of progressions this week with a 3-6-2-5. We get a little crazy with the reharms, but all beautiful and effective none the less. We build off concepts from episode 83 so you if you haven’t watched that I highly recommend it. Enjoy!

Jazz Piano School Ep. 83 – Progression Reharm Series 1 (2-5-1)

Once you learn a couple of reharm tools it will completely open up your playing. Not only will you be able to comp differently but you will have more options for improvisation, arranging and solo piano freedom. Check out these reharms for a 2-5-1. I will cover different progressions in the upcoming podcasts.

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