Jazz Piano School Ep. 110 – Santa Clause Is Coming To Town Jazz Arrangement

Brenden Lowe2 Comments

After amazing launch of our New LAB, we’re switching over to a analysis series on how to use all the tools in the JPS Podcast and implement them into tunes. In the spirit of the holiday, I walk through different reharms and strategies on the tune Santa Clause Is Coming To Town. Enjoy!

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2 Comments on “Jazz Piano School Ep. 110 – Santa Clause Is Coming To Town Jazz Arrangement”

  1. Ivan Rego

    Hello Brenden,

    I am not that great with computers. How I might go about acknowledging the type of things which you mention that means so much to you? I am already a subscriber of this site, but there must be something more, in the way that by ‘ticking a box’ or ‘making a comment’ or ‘other’, which to you, and the jazz piano students’ community, it helps to keep up the spirit. Could you please step me through this process. I want to help out. You are a great and wonderful teacher.

    My deep gratitude and God bless,
    Ivan (from Brisbane – Australia)

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