Jazz Piano School Ep. 74 – 6 Ways To Add Passing Movements

Brenden Lowe9 Comments

Filling empty space in tunes can be challenging. There are a lot of different ways to do it. In this episode I go off on a small journey talking about reharms, but also give you 6 great ways to fill space in tunes. Enjoy!

Go to 6:50 in the video to skip the intro.

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9 Comments on “Jazz Piano School Ep. 74 – 6 Ways To Add Passing Movements”

  1. Brainerd Phillipson

    Splendid techniques to reharm tunes. Many thanks.
    You spoke about developing some linear improv techniques in a separate Podcast. Here’s hoping you do that one, too.
    I always find inspiration in your dynamic and joyful presentations.

  2. Gary

    Is there supposed to be a video? It looks the frame and marker exist for a video, but I see no video.

  3. pinhead1

    Dittos. Love the audio podcast, but I would much prefer the video of voicings.

  4. Raul Elizalde

    Excelente inf. que complementa los conocimientos jazz isticos GRACIAS.

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