Jazz Piano School Ep. 73 – Beginner Latin & Bossa

Brenden Lowe2 Comments

Latin and Bossa tunes can be a great style to add to your repertoire. A lot of people think they are difficult to play but as I’ll demonstrate in this episode there is not much difference in the way you’ll approach these tunes.

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2 Comments on “Jazz Piano School Ep. 73 – Beginner Latin & Bossa”

  1. Brenden Lowe

    Hi Rico,

    I’m sorry for your disappointment. This was meant to be a beginner introduction to latin and bossa music.
    If you’re more of an advanced player, like it sounds like you are, this episode is probably not for you.

    Be sure to check out some of our more advanced podcast episodes on other topics if you’re looking for more education.


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