Jazz Piano School Ep. 72 – Advanced Blues Solo Piano

Brenden Lowe5 Comments

This was a request from a JPS member who wanted me to play a little bit more in the episode to get some ideas. This episode covers solo piano blues styles advanced textures, and progressions to help spark some creativity. Enjoy!

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5 Comments on “Jazz Piano School Ep. 72 – Advanced Blues Solo Piano”

  1. zanny321

    Great presentation in how the blues should’ve played.I hear some of Eric Reed in there but that’s great .like they say in a recipe if you add a additional spice the recipe is yours.

  2. Brenden Lowe

    Thanks Zanny! Eric Reed was a major influence and my teacher for some years. Thanks for the positive comment!

    1. AnnaRose Opheim

      Hi Jeffery,

      We would recommend the Main Course curriculum or The Solo Piano System!

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