Jazz Piano School Ep. 84 – Progression Reharm Series 2 (3-6-2-5)

Brenden Lowe1 Comment

We’re continuing our reharm series of progressions this week with a 3-6-2-5. We get a little crazy with the reharms, but all beautiful and effective none the less. We build off concepts from episode 83 so you if you haven’t watched that I highly recommend it. Enjoy!

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One Comment on ““Jazz Piano School Ep. 84 – Progression Reharm Series 2 (3-6-2-5)”

  1. marco chiereghin

    Hello, and thanks a lot for these video, so clearly and beautyfully explained.
    Harmony (Reharm) gets so easy in this way, really impressive, but,I have a question: I’ve noticed, you don’t talk much about scales when you improvise …
    is it me I’ve missed those episodes, or is your metod you don’t necessarly stress much about scale,s which are a pain to learn?
    Sorry just a genuine question not meant to critisizing you, I’m just a beginner ……
    thanks again and have a nice day

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