Once you learn a couple of reharm tools it will completely open up your playing. Not only will you be able to comp differently but you will have more options for improvisation, arranging and solo piano freedom.

Check out these reharms for a 2-5-1. I will cover different progressions in the upcoming podcasts.

If you have questions or suggestions for a podcast lesson you would like us to do, please leave them in the comments down below.

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Brenden Lowe

4 Responses

  1. Hi: I am a 63 year old keyboard player with an active membership in the Jazz Piano School. My background is playing r&b and pop (I guess you could say Top 40 oriented) keyboards with an unfulfilled dream of playing cocktail style solo piano with a jazz sensibility. While the podcasts are very informative, at the same time I feel that they contain an overwhelming amount of information that is sketched into a relatively short time frame. My question is: as I advance through the Jazz Piano School course, will these specific categories such as reharmonization and advanced improvisation be broken down and explored systematically and in depth? The podcasts are nice, but they seem to me to be more of an overview rather than the step-by-step approach that I’m hoping for. I have completed the beginner section and am almost to the end of the solo piano mini course. As I start into the intermediate section, I am still hopeful that over the next couple of years I will be able to ingrain and master the tools necessary to expand my solo playing to a professional level. If I could wave a magic wand, I would insert a computer chip into my brain and download all of the musical knowledge residing inside of Brendon’s mind. I’m a little concerned that the program can only go so far in codifying the totality of concepts and information that one needs to master in order to produce the level of competence that I’m hoping for. I hope ultimately to do much more than pursue a casual musical hobby, and I’m putting a lot of faith that this course will guide me step-by-step in achieving my musical goals. A little feedback on the step-by-step course vs the podcasts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, and by the way, I very much admire what Brendon has accomplished, both with his own playing ability, and with the creation of the online piano school; especially at such a young age.

  2. Great lesson, Brendon! Looking forward to more progressions in upcoming podcasts.. I also love the high quality examples you give us to play and improvise these progressions. Not just this one but all your podcasts. and jazz piano school lessons.

  3. Thanks for the comment “Anonymous” ! It’s my pleasure. Glad you’re enjoying all the content. I always aim to please.

  4. Thanks for the comment Robert! Great to hear your background and the goals you’re looking to obtain. You are absolutely correct about the podcast being jammed back with information! The podcast are completely separated in sequence, unlike the course which provides all steps in complete order with all the information broken down. I try to make the podcast specific but again there is only so much I can do with a platform like a podcast. My goal was still to attempt to provide high quality information on the episodes so that people could get a better understanding of concepts even within a short amount of time.

    For more “practice this, now practice this” with broken down step by step information, you’re completely right. The JPS course is the way to go. That is exactly why I built it as well. So people WOULDN’T feel like they were getting general information. I wanted everyone to feel confident they could understand the material, practice it, then put to use!

    Thanks again for writing in! Keep me updated on your progress.


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