Jazz Piano School Ep. 117 – Gospel Reharms You Can Use Today

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I absolutely love gospel. I’ve been listening to it since I was a kid because I love the way it makes me feel! 

The chords and harmonies pull at my heart and soul strings because that’s what it’s meant to do: Give us an uplifting feeling, get us through hard times! The chords used in the chart do exactly that. 

I explain what types of chords do what and how you can use them in all different kinds of music to reharm whenever you want.

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3 thoughts on “Jazz Piano School Ep. 117 – Gospel Reharms You Can Use Today”

  1. I can’t get t he practice materials since my email address does’ seem to be accepted. Keeps wanting to change “sky” to ” aol”. I would be pleased if you can sort this problem.
    Many thanks for your lessons, they are very helpful in many ways.


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