Are major scales a mystery to you? 

Or maybe you just hated practicing them like I did growing up. 

Do your teachers tell you all the time to practicing your major scales? 

Mine did. 

I always hated them for it, until now, and I’m soooo thankful they made me. 

Major scales are extremely useful in all areas of jazz. 

They are a building block for technique, theory and improvisation. You really can’t do much without knowing your major scales. 

After learning them you can build major triads, play jazz voicings, begin to improvise, and much more. 

So I highly, highly, encourage you to learn your major scales in every key. I

f you are a member of the site, I have videos on all the major scales just because they are so important to learn. 

Hopefully this podcast drills down the importance even more! 🙂 Happy practicing!

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Brenden Lowe

Brenden Lowe

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  1. FYI, there is an error in a website link… The SHOW NOTES to episode 6 Wynton Marsalis, links instead to episode 5 Major scales.

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