Jazz Piano School Ep 35: Walk Bass Lines Part 1

[content_band inner_container=”false” class=”mas” border=”none, top, left, right, bottom, vertical, horizontal, all” padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px” bg_pattern=”” parallax=”true” bg_video=”” bg_color=”#EAEAEA” bg_video_poster=””]Learning how to walk bass lines is a skill all jazz pianists want to accomplish. And who wouldn’t? We have a nice bass register on the piano but we never learn how to do anything with it. Anytime we see an bass player walking all over a tune like he owns we just stare in awe. In this episode I’m going to get you started on the right path to walking bass lines that will impress a bass player! Let’s do it!

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Bullet Points

  • 1.Practice all your roots as whole notes to a tune.jazz piano school walking bass lines
  • 2.Begin to add in your 5ths for measures with one chord. Play root on beat 1, the fifth on beat 3 then the root of the next change on beat 1. jazz piano school walking bass lines
  • 3.For measure with two chords, begin adding your fifths on beats 2 and 4. To approach the roots of the chords.jazz piano school walking bass lines
  • 4. Remember you can choose to go up or down in the register.

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