Here is part 2 of yesterday’s post continuing our line. Bill breaks back into a more bebop esque style with the second half of this line by really outlining chord tones and creating simple approaches.

In this measure he approaches the third of the G7 which lands on the up beat of beat 2 funny enough. He then moves to the 5 and approaches the 5th of C7 using the b9, 7 of G7, then moves up chromatically.

In the second measure he walks down tot he third of the C7 then jumps up to the b13 of F7 and plays with the #11 by going and back and forth between the C and B natural.

Overall just a great well constructed line put together. Use this lick to practice extensions for motifs, really play around with them.


Picture of Brenden Lowe

Brenden Lowe

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