Now here is a serious line. This is some great language to learn over sequential dominants. Meaning, dominants that are resolving down by 5ths.

Bill Evans starts out with a simple triplet line that goes up to the #11 then resolves to the 1 of the B7. From here it begins to get interesting. Bill Evans now continues with 1, b13, 3, Maj7. Now this maj7 is pretty out of place, so I’m not sure if was trying to hit a B natural and jumped to far because this is a challenging technically based line.

In the second measure he plays a nice 3 against four pattern starting with the #11 of E7, then to the 9 and 7. He takes this same contour and simply moves it down a half step and plays that over the A7, using the notes A, F natural, (b13) and C#, the third. Finally he finishes off this measure with a playful 13 going to a 2nd interval rub using the 4th and 5th.

In part 2 this will continue down D7 and G7 chords. Enjoy!

Points to practice for this lick:

  • Look for pattern over connected dominants.
  • Practice playing your 3 against 4 pattern.
  • Look for extensions to use over your connected dominants.


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Brenden Lowe

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