Wynton Kelly – On Green Dolphin Street (Pt. 2, From the album “Kelly Blue”) [LOTW #59]

Here is the second half of the Wynton Kelly line from #58. After coming from an Eb, he resolves down into the fifth of the G7 and walks down to the third and starts a two beat triplet pattern. After doing the Wynton Kelly series, I’m sure you can see he loves using triplet patterns. You should use them as well! This triplet pattern moves up over the chord tones of G7 until he gets to the 9 and #9.

He chooses to land on a 9 over the C-7 chord, in which he then proceeds to move up the chord tones to C-7 until he gets to the 9. Very similar pattern but without the triplets. The nice change he makes here is he uses the B natural here over a C-7 which gives it a minor major sound in his solo. Very clever.

From that B natural again, he walks up to the 7th of the F7 and comes down three chord tones, Eb, C and A. Always playing lots of chord tones. Something I’m always saying if you listen to my podcasts. He resolves to the root of the F7 using the b9. This is a very nice way to approach the root over dominant 7th chords.

He then finishes up with a 7th and 1.

Points for practicing this lick:

  • Use lots of chord tone outlines with different rhythmic values.
  • Use the b9 to approach roots over dominant 7th chords.
  • Try starting on 9’s and landing on 9’s over all 7th chords.


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