Wynton Kelly – Kelly Blue (Pt. 2, From the album “Kelly Blue”) [LOTW #60]

This is a great 2-5-1 lick over the last measures in a blues. A few great things Wynton Kelly does in this one are his 16th trill, grace, notes and approaches, as always.

In the first measure he chooses to use B natural over the C-7 chord. This note works because it is simply a half step below approach to the root of the chord, the note C.

The second measure has a nice 16th note ornamental trill that slides into a grace note. Very nice texture to work on.

The last measure is a really nice resolution to your phrases. I would practice this in all keys. Enjoy!

Points for practicing this lick:

  • Half step below root approaches
  • 16th note ornamental trills
  • Resolving line phrases in measure 3


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