Blues Series – Part 1 (LOTW #46)

Everyone plays the blues. It is a great structure to learn improvisation over. In this lick I’m adding more rhythmic qualities as you might see. Rhythmic ideas and phrases can really improve your playing. The notes I’m using in this are simple blues scale notes. ( If you are unsure as to what the blues scale is please see my post on the Blues Scale). Over the C-7 to F7, I played one motif in two different places. Starting on the b3 of C-7 then on the fifth of F7. The rhythms are what make this lick nice though, not so much the notes. Enjoy!

Points for practicing this lick:

  • Look to add interesting rhythms to your solos
  • Use of the blues scale in combination with rhythms always works well
  • Don’t overcomplicate your improv and stick to simple ideas you can build off of


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