Jazz Piano School Ep. 58 – Left Hand Voicing Approach (Part 2)

In this episode we take our voicings from last week and start to use them to create different environments, atmospheres, and sounds. When we shift or focus from our RH improv to the support our LH provides, you will start to see drastic improvement in your playing.

Jazz Piano School Ep. 57 – Left Hand Voicing Approach

As you become more advanced, your LH becomes equally if not more important than your RH improv for certain sounds and atmospheres you can create. With this voicing approach you’ll have more than enough information to break outside the box with your LH voicing and make improvement.

Jazz Piano School Ep 44: How To Accompany A Singer

This is a topic within jazz piano education that I get asked about A LOT! For good reason too. Fortunately, most of the work I get actually come with playing with singers. I’ve excelled at this through out my career from playing in a church for a long time. In church, I’ve had to accompany singers in all sorts of styles, genres and situations. Let me tell you, the path is not easy. I’m confident these basics will get you started on the right path. Enjoy!

Jazz Piano School Ep 36 : What Are Extensions?

Most people gravitate towards jazz because of the rich colors and sounds that come from the music. We all want to be able to play those amazing sounding chords on the piano. How do we do it though? I’ll tell you right now. Extensions. Extensions are the colors that allow you to spice up your playing and start to paint the music however you’d like. Extensions are the beginning of the road to freedom in music. Just as a painter paints with his colors, a jazz musician paints with extensions. Let’s get into it!

Jazz Piano School Ep 34 : Rootless Voicing Textures

We recently learned our rootless voicings. In this episode I’m going to show you how to turn these rootless voicings into two hand comping textures to use with groups or while playing solo piano. These sounds are the heart of jazz comping. Anyone who uses these will be creating jazz sounds used through out the years. We’re finally getting to the good stuff of jazz piano voicings and comping.

Jazz Piano School Ep 32 : Rootless Voicings Part 2

So structure 2 is simply an inversion of rootless voicings structure 1. We now start on the 7th degree of our minor chord instead of the 3rd. Once you studied structure 1, structure #2 should come just as easily.

Jazz Piano School Ep 31 : Rootless Voicings Part 1

Alright, you’ve waited long enough for some pro jazz voicings! Well here they are. Rootless voicings will be your key to advanced jazz voicings with both one and two hands in the future. These are your transport system to playing amazing sounding jazz chords. Study these hards because they will only help open more doors to come. There are two different structure and in this episode I will be going over structure 1.