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This is a topic within jazz piano education that I get asked about A LOT! For good reason too.

Fortunately, most of the work I get actually come with playing with singers. I’ve excelled at this throughout my career from playing in a church for a long time. In church, I’ve had to accompany singers in all sorts of styles, genres and situations. Let me tell you, the path is not easy.

I’m confident these basics will get you started on the right path. Enjoy!

Bullet Points

    • 1. Medium to Up-Tempo Tunes – LH Bass notes, RH Rootless Voicings
    • 2. On medium to slow tunes make sure you set a solid, solid time foundation for the singer.
    • 3. Remember you are not being featured. Your goal is to support the singer and make them sound their best!

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Brenden Lowe

12 Responses

  1. Great podcast. I’ve been playing behind singers for years. The ideas you use are very similar to mine. I play most of the time on a 73 note keyboard with keyboard split for LH in bass patch. I sometimes just play piano patches using some of the voicings. I also do a grand piano-vocalist duo which I really enjoy. I will be following your ideas closely. I work with a sax man that wants me to play less bass lines (years of playing bass pedals and LH bass on B3). Keep up the good podcast lessons. Thanks again. “Doc”

  2. Thanks Doc! I had a student recently who was in the exact same position. Played B3 for years and walked the most killin bass I had ever heard, but was looking to do some other various textures. Do you have any recordings online? I would love to take a listen. Maybe you could do some education for JPS? Can you email me?


  3. A terrific breakdown of this tricky subject. I liked the way you pulled apart the piece and explained each element and then put it back together again. I think I read about Lego somewhere and that’s exactly right! You cleared up lots of points I have been dwelling on for ages, nicely done. Thanks.

  4. Such an inspiring and valuable podcast – the concepts, insights, explanations, & fantastic playing – Thank You!!

      1. Hi!
        When I press the “get materials button” I get the materials for another episode!
        It would be great to access the pdf of this episode. Hope you can fix it 🙂

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