Jazz Piano School Ep 45: How To Practice LH Comping, With RH Improv

[content_band inner_container=”false” class=”mas” border=”none, top, left, right, bottom, vertical, horizontal, all” padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px” bg_pattern=”” parallax=”true” bg_video=”” bg_color=”#EAEAEA” bg_video_poster=””]This is a great topic that someone requested on the podcast page the other day. Learning to improvise is one thing. Learning to comp with your LH while your RH improvises is a completely different story. So in this podcast I go over 5 key points that will help you practice your LH comping with your RH improvisation. I know you’ll love it! Enjoy!

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Bullet Points

  • 1. Practice LH Chords with rhythms. Long, short, upbeats, downbeats.
  • 2. Practice spontaneous LH comping by itself.
  • 3. Practice creating repeated rhythmic ideas with LH while RH improvises
  • 4. Practice leaving a bar of space with RH for LH to Comp
  • 5. Practice having conversation between hands while RH builds ideas.

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8 thoughts on “Jazz Piano School Ep 45: How To Practice LH Comping, With RH Improv”

  1. Your form page for getting sent material for the podcast will not size correctly on my iPhone, so I cannot get to the email field or the submit button. I try to shrink the page so I can do so, but it will not stay.

  2. Thank you so much for the email about this podcast and the addition of the visual aid. This type of communication takes me outside of my “normal” practice which can be quite repetitive.

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