Jazz Piano School Ep 46: Everything Comping Part 1

Brenden Lowe5 Comments

As I was reviewing through all the JPS podcasts I realized there were none on comping! Wow! Well we’re about to change that. In this two part series I’m going to go over everything comping ranging from beginner to advanced techniques, where to place your hands and what voicings to use. Enjoy!



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5 Comments on “Jazz Piano School Ep 46: Everything Comping Part 1”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Brendan.
    This video is incredibly useful…thank you so much….I’ve got the rootless voicings under my hands no, but am currently working on drop 2’s, so your tips are very timely!
    Very clear, inspiring and systematic..just what i need.

    1. Brenden Lowe

      No problem Ali!

      Glad you enjoyed. Keep working on those voicings then begin to apply them to that comping register and you’ll make tremendous amounts of progress!

      All my best!

  2. Anonymous

    I love receiving your emails! Watching the evolution of my playing style Is making more sense. Now I understand why am playing what I’m playing. As a jazz vocalist I rely heavily on my ear and your explanation solidifies and validates my understanding. I can’t thank you enough… Lori Michaels

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