Jazz Piano School Ep 43: Getting Back At It!

[content_band inner_container=”false” class=”mas” border=”none, top, left, right, bottom, vertical, horizontal, all” padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px” bg_pattern=”” parallax=”true” bg_video=”” bg_color=”#EAEAEA” bg_video_poster=””] Well guess what? I fell off again! But who doesn’t right? The good thing is you simply pick yourself back up and keep going at it from where ever you last left off. This goes for anything in life. Never give up! Especially jazz piano. If you stop practicing for 1 week, 2 months or even a year, just accept it and start again from where you left off. The hardest part is to start up again, take it from me! Haha In this episode I share some random thoughts that have been on my mind and share a teaser for the next podcast episode to be released. Thank you all for your support!

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1 thought on “Jazz Piano School Ep 43: Getting Back At It!”

  1. Ha! Try “falling off” for over 35 years—I’ve forgotten everything!! It feels like starting to walk all over again. As it was, I never became a skilled sight-reader and always relied on my ear to learn music and play. And although I played in a lot of R&B, Rock, and ProgRock/Light Jazz bands in my youth, I was never adept enough to play in a hardcore straight ahead jazz group.

    Now that I’m retired however, I’m hoping I can pursue my 50-year dream (yes, I’ve loved jazz even since elementary school) of being a REAL jazz pianist and not someone who’s faked it.

    Love your podcasts Brenden and I try to absorb every one of them!

    Thanks so much!

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