How to Bring Out the Melody (Ep: 206)

How to Bring Out the Melody

In the classical piano world, it’s all about how you play the notes. Players like Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett applied classical voicing techniques to jazz piano to create beautiful sounding melodies. You can do the same with these exercises!
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Jazz Piano School Ep. 107 – Our Lab’s Two Hand Voicing Building System Part 2

We’ve finalized a date for the Lab Launch and it is December 4th @ 10am PST! If you’re interested in joining the priority waiting list go to You can also visit this url on December 4th @ 10am to sign up for the lab at our celebration discount offering. This is part 2 of an Upgrade Formula taken directly from inside the lab to help you build and use 2 hand voicings in all situations and create freedom in your playing. Enjoy!

Jazz Piano School Ep. 106 – Our Lab’s Two Hand Voicing Building System

I struggled for yearsss. 15+ to be exact learning how to achieve some sort of jazz freedom on the piano. I was sick of just playing what other peopled showed me. It was like a coloring book. No matter how much freedom you had to choose colors you were still coloring other peoples pictures. I wanted to DRAW my OWN pictures! This podcast is taken directly from one of our lab upgrade formulas. The education contained in our lab, Launching in the next couple of weeks, will allow you to draw you own pictures. It was give you the tools to finally achieve jazz piano freedom so you can truly express YOURSELF! Enjoy!

Jazz Piano School Ep. 93 – Minor 2-5-1 Rootless Voicings & Improv

We continue our series on minor 2-5-1’s as I explain rootless voicing options and different ways to improvise along with the notes and scales that you can choose from. With a little practice you’ll feel confident about playing minor 2-5-1’s in standards in no time!

Jazz Piano School Ep. 88 – Adding Extensions Into Our Voicing Fundamentals

As we continue our voicing series we are adding extensions into our voicing fundamentals. This is progressing us a little further and teaching us how to create freedom to build any voicings we want. With these methods you are becoming the creator instead of simply copying voicings and not understanding how they’re used. Enjoy!

Jazz Piano School Ep. 87 – Building Voicing Fundamentals

During my career I was always copying voicings. I spent so many years just mimicking voicings instead of learning a solid foundation that will allow me freedom to build voicings myself. This fundamental voicing building system will give you the opportunity to build voicings for yourself for the rest of your life!

Jazz Piano School Ep. 66 – My Voicing Pyramid & Comping

Learning voicings with structure and organization can be complicated. You’ll learn one voicing from one resource then a completely different voicing from another resource. Follow my voicing pyramid to make sure you fill all your voicing holes and achieve complete freedom with all your voicings.

Jazz Piano School Ep. 65 – Basics of The Sus Chord

The Sus chord is a very, very important chord in jazz. It can be used for many purposes and can advance your playing drastically! In this episode I go over what a sus chord is and show you how it can be used effectively in different situations. Enjoy!

Jazz Piano School Ep. 60 – Rootless Voicing Expansion

Rootless voicing are a great building block to start learning true jazz sounds but how do we expand upon them? In this episode I show you how to take rootless voicing further by altering the natural extensions they contain.

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