Jazz Piano School Ep. 87 – Building Voicing Fundamentals

Brenden Lowe4 Comments

During my career I was always copying voicings. I spent so many years just mimicking voicings instead of learning a solid foundation that will allow me freedom to build voicings myself. This fundamental voicing building system will give you the opportunity to build voicings for yourself for the rest of your life!

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4 Comments on “Jazz Piano School Ep. 87 – Building Voicing Fundamentals”

  1. Don Van Gorden

    This was excellent. I have wondered how many voicings one has to learn to play in different jazz settings – rootless, rooted, left hand, two-hand, etc. – it seemed like an endless task. Your explanations regarding including the roots, the alternate third/seventh approaches, and the rolling to accomplish the 10th vocings were all right on target for me. Thanks a bunch, Don.

    1. Brenden Lowe

      No problem Don! My pleasure. That is a great question actually? I’m going to be putting together more materials on a complete voicing learning system as we approach the release of our Voicing specialty course. Stay tuned!

  2. Anonymous

    This is a fabulous tutorial for intermediate payers. It is also a great introduction to chord extensions .

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