JPS Ep:136 – Playing in 7/4 Meter with Claves

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Playing in 7/4 meter can be a fun way to explore new rhythmic possibilities and comes with its own set of challenges. In this podcast lesson, we will explore ways of practicing 7/4 by using rhythmic claves to make it feel as natural as possible. Come along and feel the beat!

JPS Ep:135 – Learn Jazz Piano – Our 4 Step System

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Learning jazz piano isn’t a guessing game, even that’s how I approached it for 15+ years. It’s a system. The majority of students, including myself start by learning tunes.

This should be the LAST step we do. Before that we need jazz piano TOOLS. Would you try and read and write without learning the Alphabet? No of course not.

Jazz Piano is the exact same way.

In this 15 minute podcast I’m going to break down the 4 step system we use that is has successfully taught thousands of students jazz piano so you can use it too.

Chick Corea’s Burning Lines from Now He Sings, Now He Sobs (LOTW #127)

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On his original tune “Matrix,” Chick Corea burns through this blues chorus with unique flair and creativity at a blistering tempo. He begins with some F suspended vocabulary which is reminiscent of McCoy Tyner, one of his major influences. He ascends dramatically to the top of the keyboard, and returns down to Earth to burn through the rest of the … Read More

Gospel Meets Jazz: The Hammond B3 Organ

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Jazz, Blues, and Gospel have been evolving alongside each other for decades. The presence of blues and gospel influences brought jazz to another level and helped it become what it is today.   The History of the Organ Organs had been used in gospel churches for years when some jazz musicians such as Fats Waller and Count Basie began incorporating … Read More

JPS Ep:134 – Pentatonic Voicings Tutorial Part 2

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Here we look at how to create more 4 and 5 note voicings in a modal setting. Today’s session explores a more flexible approach in D dorian by transposing shapes through the mode. To take it further, we look at a technique of chromatic transposition used by Herbie Hancock.

JPS Ep:133 – 4 Must Have Blues Voicing Setups

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This it taken directly from our new specialty course “How To Crush The Blues”. These 4 comping setups are sure to give you everything you need to know in order to provide lush and rich sounding blues accompaniment to anyone.