Jazz Piano Rootless Voicings Structure 2 Practice

On to practice Round 2! We’ll be practicing structure 2 of our rootless voicings at 5 different tempos. Here we go!

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A Solo Sendoff by Chick Corea from “My Spanish Heart” (LOTW #208)

A Solo Sendoff by Chick Corea

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Oscar Peterson’s Iconic Solo on “Sometimes I’m Happy” (LOTW #207)

Oscar Peterson's Iconic Solo

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Armando’s Rhumba by Chick Corea Pt. 1 (LOTW #204)

Armando's Rhumba by Chick Corea

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Brad Mehldau’s Epic Solo on “Anthropology” (LOTW #203)

Brad Mehldau's Epic Solo

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Monk’s Mellifluous Melody on “Straight, No Chaser” (LOTW #202)

Monk's Mellifluous Melody

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A Classic 2-5-1 Lick from Horace Silver (LOTW #194)

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Piano Blues Riffs: Practice Tips and Exercises

Learn these Practice Tips and Exercises for Piano Blues Riffs

You can’t get very far without actually practicing. That’s why in this podcast episode, we take a “Practice Workout” directly from inside our members area and give it to you on practicing blues riffs! It’s a great one and I know you’ll love it!

Horace Silver’s Suave Bass-Line Groove from “Señor Blues” (LOTW #193)

Listen to Horace Silver's Suave Bass-Line Groove from "Señor Blues"

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Chick Corea’s Famous “Spain” Melody Line (LOTW #192)

Listen to Chick Corea's Famous "Spain" Melody Line

When audiences across the world hear the melody line from “Spain,” they universally know it to be penned by the great Chick Corea! Written for his popular fusion group from the 1970’s “Return to Forever,” this line is a feat of two-handed virtuosity! https://youtu.be/scV-4iFLAmQ CLICK HERE TO GET A TRANSCRIPTION OF THE LICK If you […]

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