Chick Corea’s Famous “Spain” Melody Line (LOTW #192)

Listen to Chick Corea's Famous "Spain" Melody Line

When audiences across the world hear the melody line from “Spain,” they universally know it to be penned by the great Chick Corea! Written for his popular fusion group from the 1970’s “Return to Forever,” this line is a feat of two-handed virtuosity! CLICK HERE TO GET A TRANSCRIPTION OF THE LICK If you […]

Thelonious Monk’s Signature Whole-Tone Ending (LOTW #191)

Listen to Thelonious Monk's Signature Whole-Tone Ending

Thelonious Monk is a true American original. Listen how he ends his tune “Evidence” from his solo piano recording from 1954. CLICK HERE TO GET A TRANSCRIPTION OF THE LICK If you have questions or suggestions for a Lick Of The Week you would like us to do, please leave them in the comments […]

Joey D’s Face-Melting Minor B3 Lick (LOTW #188)

Learn Joey D's Face-Melting Minor B3 Lick

The great organist Joey DeFrancesco has always been known to throw down, but this lick will absolutely MELT YOUR FACE. On his album “Wonderful! Wonderful!” in 2012 with drummer Jimmy Cobb and guitarist Larry Coryell, he makes it look easy! Try out this lick from his track “Five Spot After Dark.” CLICK HERE TO […]

Oscar Peterson Starts Things off Right with “Just You, Just Me” (LOTW #183)

Watch as Oscar Peterson starts things off right with this lick of the week

Besides being the king of burning down the blues, Oscar Peterson was also a master of playing intros! Setting up the tune can be on of a pianist’s most important responsibilities. Listen how Oscar starts things off right on “Just You, Just Me” from his classic album with Lester Young. CLICK HERE TO GET […]

Kenny Kirkland Lets Loose on this Modal Lick! (LOTW #182)

Watch Kenny Kirkland let loose on this modal lick

Kenny Kirkland is one of those stars who burnt brightly, but quickly. During the short time we had him on this Earth, he left us with some amazing piano playing! Listen as he lets loose on “Mr. J.C.,” a track dedicated to John Coltrane off his self-titled album from 1991. Kenny could sure burn!!! […]

A Sexy Solo Break by Edward Simon on “My Cherie Amour” (LOTW #181)

Learn this sex solo break by Edward Simon

For those of you who don’t know pianist Edward Simon, you’ll want to get to know him after this week’s lick! During his tenure in the SFJazz Collective, his arrangements and solos brought an extra layer of sophistication to the group. Listen to this sultry solo break over their reimagining of the classic Stevie Wonder […]

Stevie Wonder’s Famous Line from “Sir Duke” Pt. 2 (LOTW #180)

Stevie Wonder's Famous Line from "Sir Duke"

“Sir Duke” is a tune off of Stevie Wonders iconic album, “Songs in the Key of Life” (1976). He wrote it in homage to one of his great jazz influences, Duke Ellington. This week’s LOTW features the second half of the line in its completion. Check it out! CLICK HERE TO GET A TRANSCRIPTION […]

Herbie’s Minor Third Lick from “Dolphin Dance” (LOTW #178)

Learn Herbie's Minor Third Lick from "Dolphin Dance"

Herbie Hancock is known as one of the great innovators of jazz piano. In honor of his 80th birthday last week, we’ve got a lick this week from his iconic record “Maiden Voyage” (1965). He introduces his solo with this ascending minor third idea on what would become a jazz standard tune of his, “Dolphin […]

Keith Jarrett Opens His Solo with this Genius Pattern (LOTW #176)

Keith Jarrett Opens his solo with this genius pattern

We all know Keith Jarrett as one of the greats, but did you know he was a child prodigy? By age 7, he was already performing major works by composers such as Bach, Beethoven and Chopin. As an adult pianist and improviser, he now performs entire concerts completely extemporaneously. In one of his iconic jazz […]

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