Blues Piano Reharms – Part 1

Playing the blues is always fun. Playing the blues with reharms is even MORE fun! In this live stream podcast, I’ll teach you 4 reharms you can use in the blues and HOW to use them. These 4 reharms are extremely powerful and will completely transform your playing.

Accompanying Singers – Hillary Kole “Duets”: How To Set Up A Solid Intro

Hillary Kole’s You Are There (Duets) is a fascinating study in how to accompany a jazz singer in a vocal-piano duo setting. The record contains 13 vocal-piano duets with many different pianists, including Kenny Barron, Dave Brubeck, Benny Green, Hank Jones, Steve Kuhn, Freddy Cole, Cedar Walton, Alan Broadbent, Monty Alexander, Michel Legrand, and Mike […]

Comping – What is it? Why is it important?

People talk of the great jazz pianists: Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Brad Mehldau, and what do they remember? Most often it is their lines and soloing ability.   What most people don’t think about when it comes to these great musicians is their ability to accompany or play within a group.     What is […]

Jazz Piano School Ep. 73 – Beginner Latin & Bossa

Latin and Bossa tunes can be a great style to add to your repertoire. A lot of people think they are difficult to play but as I’ll demonstrate in this episode there is not much difference in the way you’ll approach these tunes.

Jazz Piano School Ep. 66 – My Voicing Pyramid & Comping

Learning voicings with structure and organization can be complicated. You’ll learn one voicing from one resource then a completely different voicing from another resource. Follow my voicing pyramid to make sure you fill all your voicing holes and achieve complete freedom with all your voicings.

Jazz Piano School Ep. 65 – Basics of The Sus Chord

The Sus chord is a very, very important chord in jazz. It can be used for many purposes and can advance your playing drastically! In this episode I go over what a sus chord is and show you how it can be used effectively in different situations. Enjoy!

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