Here is the first line from the McCoy series. Pretty long I know, but it was so great and it finishes so nicely I had to put it all in. I would take it apart into two sections to practice.

All of McCoy’s sound comes from hexatonics. Hexatonics are a combination of two triads two form a certain sound. In this case over the F7sus he is combining an F triad with and Eb triad. You can play the notes in triad patterns or simply just combine them however you like. Everything in this line comes from these two triads except measure 4 in which he starts to play with Gb pentatonic scale. So he simply moves up a half step for a measure to improvise.

For practicing with this lick combine two triads to form a scale of improvisation, as well as moving everything up a half step to build and contrast.


Picture of Brenden Lowe

Brenden Lowe

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