Jazz Piano School 2.0 is coming! (October 7th, 2019, 7am est)

Flash cards, practice workouts, and improv analysis OH MY! Well it’s been a long time coming but Jazz Piano School 2.0 is finally right around the corner. More specifically…we will be opening our doors October 7th, 2019 @ 7am est to accept new students into our brand new website full of fun and jammed packed […]

8 YouTube Channels That Will Take Your Playing To the Next Level

8 YouTube Channels That Will Take Your Playing To the Next Level Stop. I mean, stop clicking random YouTube videos and losing your precious practice time, because here we have a solution that will instantly save you time and lead you to best places to learn about jazz and see it performed by the greats. […]

Inside The Intermediate Course, Release May 2nd @ 10:30 pst

[x_video_embed] [/x_video_embed] If you have any questions please leave them in comments section and I will respond personally! I’m extremely excited to announce the release of the Intermediate Course. Let me tell you, this one was well worth the work. I did lose about 20 videos in the process that I needed to refilm. My […]

Learn Jazz Piano Online – 10 Reasons Online Is The Better Choice

Learn Jazz Piano Online - Top Ten Reasons Online Is Better

Technology is booming. Everything you could possibly want to learn is now online. With a tap of a couple buttons on your phone you can have instant access to videos, articles, tips and guides that will teach you anything you want. In this case jazz piano. Can you actually learn jazz piano online? Most of […]

Ten Reasons Why Jazz Piano Lessons Will Change Your Life Forever

ianists can pretty much play anything they want. A solid jazz pianists is by far the most versatile musician out there. Where did they start? By taking jazz piano lessons. In case you had any doubt, I wanted to list my top ten reasons on how and why jazz piano lessons will change your life […]

Top 5 Things To Know When Choosing A Piano Teacher

Choosing a piano teacher can be very tough. How do you know what to look for? You’ve never played piano in your life, or maybe you have but you’re still unsure. In this post I will help you feel confident that you can select a good classical and jazz teacher for yourself or your children. […]

5 Hard Truths Behind Learning Jazz Piano

It’ll always amaze me how many people believe they can take one lesson from me and somehow get some magical tips or tricks that will give them everything they need to improve their playing. I see this everywhere. The look of disappoint on their face saddens me. It’s as if I have let them down […]

How To Achieve Continuous Growth Through Perspective

We create our own beliefs and reality based on our surroundings. It’s hard to believe the rest of the world does not look or operate like America. Especially if you’ve been living there for the past 29 years like myself. How could one possibly know or understand what other parts of the world are like? […]

China Day 1

Day 1 Beijing, China After a 13 hour flight, a 3 hour layover and another 3 hour flight, we finally made it to Beijing. I didn’t sleep at all on the first flight. Believe it or not I was typing the entire time writing the course content and manual for Jazz Piano School. It’s hard […]

How To Pay Your Band Properly, Demonstrated By Everything Not To Do

I thought I would do something different this time and tell a story that happened to be to exemplify everything you should NOT do when paying your band. Yes this really happened. Enjoy! I was hired by Mr. X to play a wedding gig. I was told I would be paid at the gig $120. […]

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