Learn Jazz Piano Online - Top Ten Reasons Online Is Better

Technology is booming. Everything you could possibly want to learn is now online. With a
tap of a couple buttons on your phone you can have instant access to videos, articles, tips and
guides that will teach you anything you want. In this case jazz piano. Can you actually learn jazz
piano online? Most of the time I’m sure you might say “Oh this won’t work for me.”, or, “I’m sure
it’s not as good as learning in person.” Well guess what? I’m here to tell you that not only is
learning jazz piano online completely doable but its actually the better choice. Here’s why.

#1 Lessons are cheaper when you learn jazz piano online.

Are you shocked? You shouldn’t be. Everything these days is cheaper online. Its because
they’re are barely any costs for the host. When I go to teach a piano lesson, I have to take into
account gas, food, time lost through travel time, cancellations and more. Due to these factors
I’m forced to charge more than double for one hour lesson! Crazy isn’t it. When you learn jazz piano online you’re getting more bang for your buck. It’s like buying a bottle of wine in a restaurant. So you can have one hour lesson for $80 for example, or unlimited lessons per month for more than half of that price. Which sounds better to you?

#2 You will comprehend material better.

We’ve all had that lesson where the teacher rambles on and plays for an hour then at the
end goes, ” Make sense?” . Ummm, I didn’t understand a word you just said. Can you say it all
again? Oh that will be more money, nevermind. You can watch videos, read music, and listen
over and over and over till your jazz education brain is completely content. Don’t understand
something? Just re watch it till you do. Let’s say you wanted to learn How To Improvise. Would you rather pay for 5 lessons to absorb the material, or watch the video on that page 5 times? It’s the best possible opportunity you could have when you learn jazz piano online. Why pay for lessons that you’re simply going to forget or forget once you get home.

#3 There is better learning technology when you learn jazz piano online.

When you go to a piano lesson the only technology most teachers will provide you with will
be a book, a pencil and the piano. When you learn jazz piano online you have access to a great
modern technologies that will allow you to play with tracks, study notated solos, watch videos as
you see the music. When you learn jazz piano online the possibilities are endless.

#4 You can go at your own pace when you learn jazz piano online.

There will always be those weeks where life gets in the way of your practice routine. When
this happens why waste your money on a lesson. When you learn jazz piano online you can
simply work on the same material the following week without feeling the guilt, wasting money, or
simply feeling the anxiety of not having practiced. Learning jazz piano online gives you the
freedom to work at your own pace so you feel comfortable.

#5 You will have a community to go to for support and questions.

This is one I love because it’s not something that the average person would think of. When you
study jazz piano with a private teacher your only connection is the piano teacher you are
studying with. You don’t realize how disconnected you are to other jazz piano enthusiasts until
you begin to interact with other members of the same online learning site. When you learn jazz piano online the community
is studying from the same site you are and will provide you with support, encouragement, solutions,
problem solving, and a sense of growth and happiness as you embark on your jazz piano
journey. This is an overwhelming factor that directly determines how much progress you make
and whether you quit or not. A lot of the time private teachers cannot provide you with constant
support because they have so many students or they are teaching in a lot of different locations
or simply playing and gigging. When you learn jazz piano online you will be directly connected
to individuals who are in the same spot as you are which in turn will lead to success.

#6 You can study in the comforts of you own home when you learn jazz piano online.

I always hated having to drive to my piano lesson early Saturday morning. There was tons of
traffic, there was never parking and often times the building would smell funny. When learning
jazz piano online you are privileged to studying in the complete comfort of your own home. You
can pause the videos, go to the bathroom, get some water. Whatever you want! When you learn jazz piano online you don’t have to worry about driving, parking, food, water. Online jazz piano provides the environment that you
enjoy the most, your home.

#7 Your teacher comes with you when you learn jazz piano online.

It’s always sad losing a teacher. Sometimes they move, sometimes you move. You develop a
relationship. With all students there will always be that little voice always asking you, “What
happens if they leave? What am I going to do?” When you learn jazz piano online you never
have to be worried again. You will always and forever be connected with your teacher no matter
if they move or if you move. You will be able to study with them for as long as you want, granted
they don’t annoy you. 🙂

#8 You have direction and a plan when you learn jazz piano online.

Unfortunately a lot of teachers these day simply show up to the lesson and ask what the student
would like to learn. Ummm excuse me? You’re the teacher right. Shouldn’t you have a plan
prepared for me. A road map to success. You would think learning jazz piano online would be
more complicated than in person because you are not interacting with anybody in person. It’s
actually the opposite. Because sites like jazzpianoschool.com are online, I have to work
HARDER to ensure the layout, direction, and flow of the material is overly organized so that you
can be 100% independent to learn. Most people rely to much on teachers to guide them, when
in fact they are not actually giving you the tools or direction you need to progress. They are just
giving you the fish so you eat for one day. When you learn jazz piano online you are taught how to fish.

#9 You will receive constant updates, and improvements to your educational materials.

How many students can one piano teacher take on in a given week given they don’t burn out. It
usually maxes out at about 30 hours a week and that is a lot! I’ve done it. Out of these 30
students how many of them are going to give the instructor constructive feedback on his
teaching style and learning materials. Maybe one. Most students simply rely on the teacher to
do teaching and go along with everything they do. This could be for a full year even if they aren’t
making progress. It’s hard to speak up to a teacher especially when you are a beginner. Thanks
to social media and the curtains that an online platform provides, everyone these days are
giving feedback and leaving comments to the founders of websites. No one is afraid to speak
their mind because the customer has the power. This is a great thing for online business
because it means we have to work harder to please everyone. I want to ensure everyone who
joins my site is having the best experience possible. To do this I always have to listen and make
constant upgrades and improvements depending upon what my customers suggest. This type
of constant upgrade and innovation definitely does not having with a private teacher.

#10 You can learn from the best of the best.

Do you really know what you’re going to get with a private teacher? Whats his background?
Can he teach well. Learning jazz piano online allows you to do some extensive research on who
will be teaching you. You can also explore the social media accounts associated with the
website. If these are full of people interacting and look professional then you will know you have
stumbled on to something good. The nice thing about Jazz Piano School is there will be lessons
taught by other professionals that will be hosted on the site in the future. You have an
opportunity to learn from these great jazz pianists. Receiving information from this highly
acclaimed professionals is simply not possible at music studios or through private lessons. It’s
almost impossible to know if you are receiving quality education or not. When you study jazz
piano online, you will always know.

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Brenden Lowe

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  1. I do accept as true with all of the concepts you have
    presented on your post. They are really convincing and will definitely work.
    Still, the posts are too brief for newbies. May just you please lengthen them a
    bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

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