Jazz Piano School, Ep 23: Arranging Standards For Solo Piano

Learning how to arrange jazz standards for both hands can be tough. Where do I put my left hand? Where do I put my right? There are specific techniques you can use to help arrange the standards in fake books so that you sound great every time. In this episode I teach you two systematic techniques that will build you a solid foundation for more lessons to come. Enjoy!

Jazz Piano School, Ep 13: Playing Charts Part 1 – Harmonies

Finally I talk about how to actually play charts. I know someone of you are like “FINALLY!”. In this episode I talk about reading chord changes, how to decipher how many beats per chord change and what slash chords are. There is a lot more to playing pieces, but this is the first place to start in which you will actually be able to hear the harmonies of the piece. I guarantee it will make you feel pretty good to be able to hear the tune!

Jazz Piano School, Ep 9: Voiceleading Triad Inversions

Voiceleading triad inversions will skyrocket your playing in seconds. Once you learn how to implement this technique into your playing you will be able to play any pop / rock / triad type of chart, yes any. Work hard at this method because as I always say, these beginning steps will be a gateway into more complicated jazz voicings to come. And they are coming very soon!

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