Jazz Piano School, Ep 2: 5 Easy Tips To Get Started Today

Brenden Lowe4 Comments

This is a great podcast for beginners, to get started on 5 very easy steps today! With these steps you’ll have a plan to begin your learning. The best part is they’re very easy so you can begin today if you’d like. I know starting is the hardest part so I really wanted to give everyone simple, simple steps to get started so you didn’t feel overwhelmed. The first step is by far the easiest and fun! The next steps get slightly more challenging, and by challenging I mean the amount of effort it takes to get off the couch and walk to the kitchen. So goodluck, and as always post questions if you have any!

The 5 Easy Steps To Get Started

  • #1 Listen to a jazz cd
  • #2 Familiarize yourself with the piano
  • #3 Learn your major scales
  • #4 Learn your major and minor triads
  • #5 Learn your chord symbols

Resources Mentioned:

Notes on the piano for step #2


Major Scales for step #3


Major and Minor Triads for #4


Chord Symbols for step #5

Major Triads

  • You just see the letter alone: C, or D, or F

Minor Triads

  • You will see “m” or “-” or “min” next to the letter.
  • i.e. “C-“, “Fmin”, “Ebm”

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4 Comments on “Jazz Piano School, Ep 2: 5 Easy Tips To Get Started Today”

  1. Eric


    I started to listen your podcast. Thanks for your work.

    Is it correct, that the major scale C and F have the same notes, but different fingers?

    Second question is to the minor triades. The “Gbmin” has two “b” on one “note-line”, is it correct?

    Bye. Eric

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Eric,

    Those two scales shouldn’t have the same notes. let me know where you see this and we can fix it.

    Second question. This is a double flat and it means you flat the note twice. So simply put, move it down a whole step.


  3. Joe Conway

    Just started listening to the podcast. I’m enjoying it!

    FYI, the E♭ major triad is wrong in the image on this page.


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