Improving your improvisation skills can be difficult and frustrating. How do we do it? What do we practice? At a certain point you have to get away from notes to continue making progress.

Try practicing these 12 strategies and concepts to jumpstart your improv and creativity.

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Brenden Lowe

6 Responses

  1. Thanks for the tips’ s very clear and practical. You summarized it with some clear examples that are to be expanded. Wonderful!

  2. That was an awesome study for me. I’m a saxophone player from the pass. Played when I was young in the business. Now retired from a different career. I want to play again but don’t know how to start. I know that sounds crazy but I don’t want to waste any time because I have such a high musical listening ear that is much higher than my playing ability. That probably sounds weird but I study music but don’t play it. Now I want to approach my horn again with a mature brain that has never been tested. But I feel so bad that i stopped playing. im feel empty in my soul about my relationship with my horn i played for so many years. I really understand now what I didn’t do when I was young playing music professionally. I love the Blues and that was the first improv style of music I did first. That’s where I feel I need to start now and learn everything about the Blues that I didn’t know when I was a kid. I really got your lesson. Thanks.

  3. Awesome Thurron! That’s fantastic to hear. I’m glad it was able to light a spark with you. I definitely can relate. I go through different periods of off and on myself. Thanks again for your supportive comment and interaction. Best of luck!

  4. Hey Brendon. Thought this was one of your best podcasts. I have found found myself reaching for each of the ideas presented, and occasionally finding that “nirvana” moment where the freedom you speak of, breaks through. When that happens my band mates actually notice that I was in a zone, and was improvising instinctively…rather than guessing or thinking of what to play. I also get a rush when that happens:). Thanks for all that you do for us budding jazz pianists. I listed my band (Club Malbec) website, in case you have a moment to hear how I play…with so much room to improve. Best Regards, Terry

  5. Thanks for the comment Terry! I really appreciate the positive feedback. This zone is definitely something that’s hard to get all the time but you do it’s incredible right?! I’ll be sure to check out your website! Thanks again.

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