Jazz Piano School Ep. 61 – The Oscar Peterson Style

Brenden Lowe5 Comments

I think we can all agree that Oscar Peterson is a beast. He was my main inspiration growing up so I’ve learned and studies his style…a lot! In this podcast I go over 11 specific characteristics in his playing that make him sound the way he does. This one is a doozy! Enjoy!

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5 Comments on “Jazz Piano School Ep. 61 – The Oscar Peterson Style”

  1. Alexander lombard

    The podcast are great . The only thing I cannot get the download materials that go with the podcast right now I am working on the Oscar Peterson podcast and I need if possib the study help. Please take care of the cough you have The podcast and the lessons are the greatest

  2. Alex lombard

    You podcast are the greatest however I cannot get the study materials when I download them

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