Jazz Piano School Ep. 52 – How to Harmonize Melodies

Brenden Lowe1 Comment

Harmonizing melodies can be very tricky. What chords do we pick for each melody note and when do we place them. In this harmonization beginner’s podcast, I go over how to use diatonic chords as well as some substitutes to spice up a simple melody like twinkle twinkle. Enjoy!

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One Comment on ““Jazz Piano School Ep. 52 – How to Harmonize Melodies”

  1. Tom

    First I want to say I love your podcasts and they really help me a lot, you give out a lot of very useful information!
    As a jazz pianist I focus most of my practice time on jazz skills like voicings, improvisation and stuff like that but I don’t really know a lot about playing different styles of music. I’m talking about rock, pop and other styles of music that are generally easier to play.
    I know that there are a lot of stuff on pop and rock piano on the internet but most of it is pretty slow and teaches stuff I already know like triads and inversions.
    Could you make a Jazz guy’s guide to rock/pop piano playing? it would really help me a lot since I am often asked to play that kind of music and I ussually feel a bit out of place when playing it.

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