Jazz Piano School Ep. 102 – What In The World Is Modal Interchange?

Brenden Lowe14 Comments

Modal Interchange starts to dive head first into the theory rabbit hole for sure. But in this episode, I’ll cover the basics of what it is, where you’ll see it and how you can start to use it in your playing!

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14 Comments on “Jazz Piano School Ep. 102 – What In The World Is Modal Interchange?”

    1. Brenden Lowe

      Hi, the videos that are posted below the podcast do not contain the upfront talk and introduction. That is just for the audio audience. In the youtube videos for the watchers, this lesson starts at 1:30 with less talk. Enjoy!

  1. Asward

    Thanks for this wonderful gift finally I have a better understanding of modal interchange most talked about but never expected.. Well don excellent.. I’ve been following up on the JPL and I’m already seeing some progress.


  2. Jack Graham

    I am grateful that I have found this blog. Teaches a lot of things about the piano and I have much interested in jazz. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Greg

    Awesome podcast Brendon….can’t wait for parts 2/3, and especially how to use the approach for Impro ideas. (hope the potatoes made it!…) I’ll sign up for the singer accompanying course too…
    Thanks again, Greg (Sydney, Australia)

  4. Brian

    Thanks for this enlightening lesson, Brenden. I have your link to download
    the practice materials but keep being told that the sever can’t be found.
    Can you help with this problem.
    Best wishes, Brian.

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