Jazz Piano School Ep. 100 – Keith Jarrett Analysis, “Someone To Watch Over Me”

Brenden Lowe8 Comments

Not to take anything away from Keith on this one, but we reached PODCAST 100!

Kind of crazy if you ask me? When I think about to all the hurdles, and problems we had to get through, I can’t believe we’ve come this far.

In order to celebrate we’re giving away 2 amazing gifts. #1 A LIFETIME membership to jazz piano. Yes you read that correctly. And #2 – A free reserved membership to our new “Lab” this is coming by the end of the year.

Now in order to enter all you have to do is give the podcast a 5 start rating and write a brief review. I mean it could literally say “This podcast rocks!” and you will be entered to win 1 of 2 memberships to Jazz Piano School.

Here are the directions.
1. Click this link to the Jazz Piano School Podcast.
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2. Click the small button that says “VIEW IN ITUNES”

3. Click the “RATINGS AND REVIEWS” tab.

4. Click “Write A Review”

5. Write a review and leave a 5 star rating and we will enter you in.

REMEMBER: You have to write a review because that is the only way we’ll know your name.

We will announce the winner at the start of the following week’s podcast.

The great thing about the entry is that you’re helping spread the love of jazz piano education to others around the world.

Back to Keith. Keith Jarrett is brilliant at the way he moves his inner voicings around. Especially in a ballad. This can clearly be seen in this week’s analysis of “Someone To Watch Over Me”. Please enjoy!

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8 Comments on “Jazz Piano School Ep. 100 – Keith Jarrett Analysis, “Someone To Watch Over Me””

  1. Anthony Carl Milosevic

    A wonderful jazz lab that creates a lifestyle for playing jazz. I’m looking forward to learning more.

  2. G.Saalmann

    Your lessons, have made short cuts, that have motivated me to practice and has greatly improved my understanding of chords and voicing making playing fun rather than boring.

    Thank you.

    Please: Continue your generous contribution to Jazz.

    Regards – George

  3. Ted Lukowski

    Jarret’s a genius and your lesson is a great tool for learning how he does it! Thank you.

  4. Vinciane Baudoux

    Hello Brenden,

    Nice podcast bu I have an issue entering the contest. When I listen to the episode through the Podcast app, I can see nowhere a button to view the podcast in iTunes and I cannot give a review.

    Could you please help? I have an iPad Air with iOS 11.



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