Jazz Piano School Ep 41 : Improvising Rhythmic Motifs

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Why do some solo’s sound boring and some sound awesome? Rhythms. Rhythms in jazz are the feel-good mojo that spices up your solo. They are at the heart of our soul.

In order to make our solos pop and have the feel-good feeling to them, we need to add rhythms to our solo that have contrast. If we are playing all eighth notes and quarter notes on downbeats, our solo’s will sound bland and dry.

In this episode, I give you many different ways to practice your rhythms in order to spice up your solo.

Bullet Points

  • 1. Practice all your different rhythms separately then combine them. whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, triplets, quarter note triplets, sixteenth notes.
  • 2. Begin to practice combining two rhythms at a time.
  • 3. Leave space and focus on adding all of your rhythms into your solos. Do not just play one rhythm. If you find yourself playing one rhythm be sure to change it up.

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