Jazz Piano School, Ep 20: Solo Piano-Progressing the Basics.

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Playing solo can be extremely difficult. It’s hard to move past that beginning stage of just chords in the LH and melody in the RH! 

This podcast will give you a couple of simple tips for you to incorporate- they will help you sound great in no time! 


Steps To Improve Your Solo Piano

  • #1 Add bass notes.
  • #2 LH 1 + 7 or 1,3, + 7.
  • #3 Careful of register with full root position chords.
  • #4 Switch between bass notes and LH chords.
  • #5 Practice incorporating long and short texture with both bass notes and LH chords.

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Brenden Lowe

Brenden Lowe

3 Responses

  1. Ok great, I like this. What above upper structure chords , or rootless voicing chords? .
    PS I want to give you a stellar review but I can’t get iTunes.

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