Jazz Piano School, Ep 20: Solo Piano-Progressing the Basics.

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Solo Piano-Progressing the Basics
Playing solo can be extremely difficult. It’s hard to move past that beginning stage of just chords in the LH and melody in the RH. This podcast will give you a couple of simple tips that you can be begin to incorporate that will help you sound great in no time! Enjoy!

Steps to Improve your Solo Piano.

  • #1 Add bass notes.
  • #2 LH 1 + 7 or 1,3, + 7.
  • #3 Careful of register with full root position chords.
  • #4 Switch between bass notes and LH chords.
  • #5 Practice incorporating long and short texture with both bass notes and LH chords.

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3 Comments on “Jazz Piano School, Ep 20: Solo Piano-Progressing the Basics.”

  1. Dina Melucci

    Ok great, I like this. What above upper structure chords , or rootless voicing chords? .
    PS I want to give you a stellar review but I can’t get iTunes.

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